12 Computer-Free Ways to Make Money From Home

When my man and I decided to start saving for land and and a home, I took time to peruse the internet, searching for little ways we could make extra money at home. Ideas readily popped up in search results, naming many ways a person can make money…on the computer. Problem was, I wanted computer-free ways to make money from home!

Finally, I shut the computer and decided to think creatively. After all, I am capable of thinking for myself! I thought of my past. Family members. Friends. Neighbors. What are the ways they’ve make money from home?

Here is the list I came up with!

12 Computer-Free Ways to Make Money From Home


#1: Offer Childcare

If you live in a community, there’s almost always a need for babysitting. Parents who work unexpected hours, have date nights or work overtime for extra cash may need help from time to time! Regardless of whether or not you have children, put the word out and help bring in extra pennies.

12 Computer-Free Ways to Make Money From Home


#2: Bake and Cook

Do you enjoy creating glorious messes in the kitchen? If so, perhaps you also have neighbors who wouldn’t mind homemade bread, pie or cookies from time to time? Take orders for holidays, birthdays and family gatherings! Baking and cooking is a wonderful way to make money from home.


#3: Sewing and Hemming

If you are a talented seamstress, consider putting your ability to work for the people of your community. From hemming jeans to sewing on buttons, taking in the length or size of a dress, once established, you might be amazed at the amount of small work you can bring in!


#4: Private Lessons

Do you enjoy teaching what you know? Offering private lessons is a wonderful way to make money from home! Sewing, music, drawing or painting, baking, cooking and food preservation, horseback riding, mechanics, welding, building, etc, are all skills that can be taught and learned!

12 Computer-Free Ways to Make Money From Home


#5: Homemade Hygiene

There’s a growing demand for natural hygiene items. Think deodorant, lotion, soap and toothpaste…many of these things are easy to create in your own home. Start by making them for you and your own family, then see if there’s interest in the community. If so, you’ve found yourself a lovely little niche!


#6: Backyard Work

Do you enjoy gardening, mowing, raking leaves or even snow removal? Depending on your climate, yard work can offer year-round extra income! Let the neighbors know you are ready and willing.


#7: Sell Fresh Produce

If you have a small hobby farm with meat, eggs or fresh produce, inform your neighbors that you are willing to sell your goods to them! If necessary, type up a flyer with prices per item and go door-to-door. It doesn’t have to be a big operation, but having a few steady customers can bring in a bit of cash.

12 Computer-Free Ways to Make Money From Home


#8: Animal Care

If you live in an urban setting, offering pet care can bring in the pennies. Whether the owners work long hours or are on vacation, most folks rest easier knowing their animals are being well looked after.

When it comes to rural living, boarding others’ animals (horses or cows) can help generate some income. Helping on the neighbor’s farm is an option as well. Perhaps they need someone to care for animals while they go on holidays. Or perhaps they could use help during lambing or calving season.


#9: Raise Pets or Livestock

Our culture is enamored with animals! If you have an acreage or if you live rural, consider breeding and selling smallĀ  pets. This could be dogs, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs or miniature ponies.

Also consider breeding, raising and selling the offspring of your livestock (calves, piglet, lambs, bunnies, poultry, etc). As always, pure breeds are most valued and will bring the highest income.

Make money at home with one of these computer-free ideas!


#10: Cut Firewood

This is a wonderful option if you already have a truck and trailer! Know your wood, advertise accordingly and take an extra 15-30 minutes after work to chop and stack firewood in a dry place. In fact, stacking firewood can easily be turned into a family-fun event! If you have the means and ability to deliver wood to the buyer, you’ll do even better.

12 Computer-Free Ways to Make Money From Home


#11: Offer Mechanical Services

Depending on your time and skill sets had, offering mechanical work to neighbors can bring in a quick penny. Let it be known you change oil, tires, spark plugs, even clean vehicles inside and out. See if you get any business!

#12: Build and Construct

If you enjoy and are experienced at working with wood, consider hiring yourself out to make custom dog houses, chicken tractors or moveable pens, picnic tables, etc. Keep it simple.


Computer-Free Ways to Make Money From Home

These are my best ideas for you, things I’ve done to earn a dollar (or know others who have).

Before you dive in, remember to be realistic! Make certain there is a need before you move forward. Ask around. Dig into the specifics of what people want in your community. And always ask yourself: “is such-and-such a task is something I’d like to HAVE TO do for customers?”

If so, you’re in (almost) in business!












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