A Country Morning

A quick peep through sleepy eyelids revealed dusky morning light seeping in at the window. I knew the sun would soon be rising behind our eastern stand of pine trees, and I was in no hurry to greet it. Still drowsy, I lay in bed, resting my fatigued body. I don’t know when a break has ever felt so good! It’s been wonderful. Just wonderful!

Instead of thinking about everything I needed to do that day, I snuggled deeper into the blankets. Fresh mountain air rolled in at the partially open window, and I found myself relaxing as I listened to nothing but the sounds of nature.

Squirrels were scolding from the safety of our neighbor’s old trees. Little songbirds twittered as if to welcome the dawning day. Far off, I could distinguish the white noise of the community’s mountain creek.

As I listened, a wave of…something indescribable…swept over me. It was as if someone had applied a soothing balm to my weary and exhausted spirit.

A Country Morning

Is this really me? And is this place really ours? Did it finally happen for us? How many times in the past several years of my life had I longed for this very thing?

While saving for our move to the country, my man and I had lived in a town home that was surrounded by local businesses. On summer mornings, I’d awaken to the roar of roadside traffic, passing no more than 20 ft from our back door. I’d hear semi trucks making their early deliveries. Tractors and workers. The clanking of metal gates and the sound of industrious voices.

The constant noise ate away at me, wearing me down. How I longed to wake up to a quiet, countryside morning where nature was the first to greet me!

As I lay in bed that morning, I listened for some of the old sounds. A truck passing by on the country road. Someone running equipment. A voice shouting directions?

Nothing but the sounds of nature.

This is what I’d been waiting for! Soothing, calming, refreshing mornings. Mornings as they were meant to be, a dose of peace and quiet before the day’s work begins.

Except I’ve been trying to avoid work. I’ve been taking a stay-cation. Remember? So instead of getting up and facing the day, I snuggled deeper into the blankets and allowed myself to drift into another hour or two of sleep.

We made it. And it’s been good.

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