A Natural Multipurpose Household Soap

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I was several years into my ‘natural living’ journey before I began to consider the cleaning products I used in my home. Bottles plastered with warning labels, definite directions to “keep out of reach of children” and the way these cleaners made me cough and cough every time I used them forced me to think about it.

After doing a bit of research, I realized they weren’t necessary for household cleanliness. So I replaced those bottles with what is now my favorite, easy-to-make household cleaner. I began using baking soda to scrub away scum and residue. I tried a variety of natural, laundry soap options. And thanks to my mother-in-law, I discovered Pink Solution, a natural, multipurpose household soap I absolutely love.

I want to tell you all about it today!


What Is Pink Solution?

Pink Solution is gentle, bio-degradable soap that’s made primarily from coconut oil. It’s free of fragrances and perfumes, doesn’t contain dyes, phosphates or sulphates.

Ingredients are basic and include: coconut oil, sodium alginate, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate and sodium tallowate.

A Natural, Multipurpose Household Soap

It’s advertised as an all purpose cleaner, and that’s exactly what I’ve found it to be! After 5 years of use, it’s still my favorite! Although I must confess I think “Pink Solution” is a poor choice in name. It certainly doesn’t sound like natural soap and it makes me think of a bottle of Pepto-bismol! But whatever.


What Can You Use It On?

Because this is a gentle cleanser, it’s creators claim it can be used on many different surfaces. Glass, stainless steel, in both the kitchen and bath, laundry, carpet and upholstery, for mopping floors, cleaning boats and cars, etc. The company even claims you can wash your produce in it!

I don’t have experience to back all these claims. In our home, we use it primarily for washing clothes, floors, dishes and countertops. Sometimes I use it for scrubbing toilets and wiping down the bathroom (although I generally prefer my homemade cleaner for that)!

I do aim to try washing produce in it, one of these days!


Is It a Liquid or Powder Soap?

Pink Solution comes as a white, jelly-like concentrate. From this, you create a liquid soap. Unlike powdered soaps, it’s safe for septic fields!


How Do I Make It?

Making this natural, multipurpose household soap is easy-peasy! You’ll find different uses call for varying strengths of the stuff. Directions for each category can be found on the container itself.

To make up a batch, simply warm the proper amount of concentrate on the stove, then mix it with the proper amount of warm water. Pour the mixed goods into a bottle or jug and presto! You’ve got prepared, liquid soap that’ll last you for a good, long while!


How Much Does It Cost?

It all depends on how much you buy! Small buckets average $20 a litre, but if you purchase this soap in larger quantities, the cost significantly decreases. Remember this product is a concentrate and that it’ll last for a long time! I’ve had my 5 litre bucket for 5 years and I’m still chipping away at it!


Does It Actually Work Well?

Yes. And no. My man sometimes gets oil stains on his clothes when doing mechanical work. In this situation, a dollop of Dawn in the washing machine is necessary.

If I’m washing some very greasy dishes in the sink, I might have to refresh my washing water halfway through to get things sparkling clean. Or (once again) revert to a few drops of Dawn.

But for simple, everyday use, it’s done well by us. For 5 years! And now that we’re on our own septic field, both powdered laundry and powdered dish soap are a big NO-NO!

Pink solution, on the other hand, gets a big, fat, thumbs up!

A natural, multi-purpose household soap for the health conscious homemaker

Where Can I Source Pink Solution?

Here’s the catch: Pink Solution is Canadian made! You can grab this 2L pack through Amazon.ca (affiliate link) if you wanna give it a try. If you’re a Canadian Costco fan, that’s where my MIL purchased a 5 litre pack for me, 5 years ago! You can also check out the website at pinksolution.ca.

If you’ve been in search of a natural, multipurpose household soap, Pink Solution just might be the right choice for you!

I love the stuff, and I use it nearly every day.

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