She Might Not Be What You Think

Have you ever disappointed someone before? Someone who thought you were different than you really are, based on their interpretation of something you said, did or lived?

Yeah, me too. I’m learning that this blogging thing contributes to those kinds of misunderstandings. While I try to write openly and honestly, I know you’re forming assumptions about who I am and the life I lead. Maybe they’re accurate? And maybe not.

I’m probably not the person you think I am. Know what else? I probably don’t live the life you’ve imagined I live! Regardless of whether the fault lies at your door or mine, I think the truth is always a good thing. She might not be what you think, and today, I want to let you in on a few realities in my life.


Reality #1: I Don’t Always Do Everything Naturally

In spite of what you might think, I don’t always do life naturally. An example? While I love my natural dish and laundry soap, I do keep a bottle of Dawn under my kitchen sink. Sometimes I need more than a gentle cleanser to get the job done!

We like from-scratch meals, but occasionally, we’ll purchase corn chips or tortilla wraps. If I’m really worn down and don’t get around to baking, my man sometimes buys bread for his work sandwiches. And if we’re eating at someone else’s home? Well, we eat what they eat (for the most part).

No, I don’t always do it naturally. Right now, there’s a bottle of shampoo sitting on the edge of my shower and a tube of prepared toothpaste in the drawer of our bathroom vanity. We’ve just come through a crazy time in life, and when life demands it, I’m ok to let go of some ‘natural living’ activities. For a time, that is.


Reality #2: I’m Not Always Doing “Country Girl” Stuff

While I love my country girl lifestyle, I don’t always live and breathe it. Sometimes, I need a break from farm girl activities. If you were a fly on the wall, you’d find me watching movies, reading books or listening to music that doesn’t have anything to do with farming, animals, food or gardening. I enjoy lots of the old classics!

Sometimes, I just need a break. And when I take it, I love it.


Reality #3: I Probably Don’t Have As Much Energy As You’ve Imagined

When you think of my life, do you think of a woman who is always busy pulling weeds, harvesting food, feeding or butchering poultry, baking or canning something delicious?

While I certainly do all those things, I’m truly not a high energy person. Because of my CLD, I have to be very careful to rest when needed. Morning=work time, afternoons=rest time and evenings? Evenings are the hardest time of day for me. I don’t often attend evening functions (even when I want to) because I’m so worn out, I don’t want to.

With my farm girl roots and a natural “get it done” attitude, I can accomplish lots in my day. But if you’d come stay with me, you’d likely find I’m not as high energy as you’d imagined.


Reality #4: I’m Open, But Not With Just Anyone

I try to honest and real with my writing. Because of this, it’s easy for readers to assume I’d be their best friend if we met in person. I sincerely hope we’d be good friends, but unless we did establish a relationship, you might not see the deeper side of me that surfaces in more personal blog posts.

While I like people more than anything else on the planet, and while I try to make folks feel comfortable around me, I need to get to know someone before I let them into the personal parts of myself. It’s always been that way.


Reality #5: Sometimes I Get Grouchy

Because of my CLD, I’m often tired. When I’m tired, little things easily upset and overwhelm me. Even after years of battling this disease, I’m still trying to learn what my triggers are, to recognize them before they hit so I can avoid getting worked up.

I’ve given my man full permission to keep me in check, but sometimes, my grouches still get the better of me. And then? He usually sends me off to bed like a little child and, much like a little child, I usually awake much happier!

So if you’re ever around and I seem out of sorts, just make me to take a nap. Things (usually) come aright after a good, long sleep. 😉


Reality #6: “Green Living” Isn’t the Motivation for My Natural Lifestyle

No, it isn’t. Which is kinda odd when I really think about it. So much of what we do is environmentally friendly. We purchase very little from the grocery store. I preserve loads of home-grown food in glass jars, the freezers and also via cold storage methods. All our hygiene items are homemade (when life is normal). I use natural bakeware/cookware in our home and even make our own, non-toxic home cleaners.

Our footprint is very small.

However, green living isn’t my motivation for this lifestyle. I do it because of the physical health benefits. I’m better equipped to live life when I’m feeling well, and natural living gives me that. While I’m glad my “better living” falls in line with green living, I don’t do it because it’s environmentally friendly. That’s the plain, simple truth.


Reality #7: We’re Frugal, And We’re In Debt

I’m not sure why people assume my man and I bought our land and built our house, debt free? Perhaps because we’re frugal and (cough! cough!) a bit radical in some respects? Maybe it’s because we spent the winter in an 8’x12′ power shed?

We don’t like debt and want pay it off sooner rather than later. But we did take out a mortgage for the mountain farmstead. I have no regrets regarding this decision! Fact is, it’s been a good investment for us. By doing all the work ourselves, we have a home that’s worth a good deal more than we put into it! I believe in good investments, don’t you?


Reality #8: I’m a Follower of Jesus Christ, For Real

On this blog ‘o mine, I don’t talk much about my faith life, unless I’m sharing personally. Have you noticed? It’s been hinted at (sometimes more than hinted) that if I’m for real, I’d be sharing more about God/faith/etc, in my writing.

Let me just say this: my goal with Better Living is to step in and fill a tangible need. As our modern lifestyle/food system continues to fail us, more and more people are recognizing a need for change. Where do they begin?

Because many of us weren’t taught these things by our parents, the learning process can be incredibly overwhelming! If I can both inspire and make things easier for these people, why not do it?!

Because this is my goal, I’m not always sharing Bible verses and bringing God’s name into everything. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have faith in Him, that He isn’t part of my life every single day, or that my faith doesn’t run deep.

No. If it seems fitting, I bring up my personal faith and beliefs. If it doesn’t? I don’t.


She Might Not Be What You Think

It’s easy to assume, to romanticize, idealize and put our own interpretations on other people’s lives. Here’s my honest attempt to let you in on the real deal. This is how I see myself and what I think you would see if you could shadow my life for a month.

Sometimes, it’s beautiful. And sometimes, it isn’t. There are times it feels so very rich. At other times, it’s meager and bare. I’m a real person, just like you, and I have my ups and my downs.

Through it all, I want to be real. And so, I wrote this post.

2 thoughts on “She Might Not Be What You Think

  1. Love this! As a believer, we fall, fail and smash our faces in mud but the good Lord gives us grace and renews and strengthens us each day. Life is a roller coaster and what a ride it is. Your blog and writing is a precious journal for your family legacy, enjoy it, embrace it and don’t worry about others expectations. Have a blessed day.

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