How to Shape the Perfect Burger Patty

Have you ever been dissatisfied with how your homemade burger patties turned out? Or am I the only one who consistently produced teeny, tiny patties? The kind that high-centers the bun so all the trimmings fall out when you try to eat it?

Over and over, I tried to create the perfect patty! But it seemed like they always shrank to half their original size when I cooked them! For the longest time, I didn’t like serving burgers because of this very problem. But then, I had a flashback to the old farmhouse kitchen and my mother’s hands at work.


Of course! She knew how turn out beautifully-shaped burgers. And so, I started implementing her strategy. Lemme tell you? It works!

So, my friend, here’s how you too, can shape the perfect burger patty!


It’s All In the Lid

To shape the perfect burger patty, you need the lid from a 1 gallon jar. If you keep bulk food supplies, it’s likely you have one of these on hand. If not, get yourself a gallon jar at the local thrift store or buy yourself a jar on amazon (they’re useful for all sorts of kitchen work) and you’re set!


How to Shape the Perfect Burger Patty

Season your ground meat according to taste. Then, gently start packing it into a 1 gallon lid. Keep filling it, until your patty is level with the lid’s rim.

How to Shape the Perfect Burger Patty


Flip the lid upside down and shake the patty out. Occasionally, one might stubbornly stick in place. If this happens, dig one side loose, then patch it back up after it’s been released.

That’s all there is to it!

How to Shape the Perfect Burger Patty


Continue shaping patties until you’ve worked your way through all the meat. I like to stack finished patties on a cutting board, with parchment paper between the layers.

Once you’ve finished up, your burger patties are ready for freezing, barbecuing or frying!

And when you do cook them up, you’ll finally have a patty that fits the bun! Easy-peasy! That’s how you shape a perfect burger patty!

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