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Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament


  • Gather (or purchase) pine cones. 
  • If using freshly harvested cones, be sure to set them in a warm place for 7 days, both to dry and fully open up. 
  • Cut a 6 inch piece of cotton string. 
  • Tie one end of the string around the top of your first cone, being sure to slip it between the scales so it isn't noticeably visible. 
  • Place your second cone next to the first and tightly tie it around the top with string as well.
  • Trim off loose ends of cotton string. 
  • Cut blue ribbon to length, then slip it between the two cones, looping around the cotton string. 
  • Pull the ends up and tie in a knot or bow. 
  • Cut your lace ribbon to length and form a bow around the blue ribbon, just above the tree cones. 
  • Trim tails at an angle and adjust bow as needed.