Thimbleberry Jam

There are several amazing things about thimble berries. The first is…you feel that you’ll never harvest enough, but somehow, you do! The second…incredible flavor! Third? Soft seeds that are chewable and fourth, a thick, spreadable consistency without boiling fruit down for long amounts of time.

The ingredients? Thimbles, water and honey. Seriously. Its all you need! Spread some of this on homemade toast and the loaf will be gone in no time!



Thimbleberry Jam

  • 4 C thimbles
  • 1 C water
  • 2/3 C honey

Directions: harvest berries and harvest cleanly. These fruits shouldn’t be washed. Pick cleanly and then bring home. Place in pot with water and honey. Stir in and berries will break apart as you do. Simmer until bubbly and hot throughout.

Note: as most of us will be harvesting a small amount of these berries, I used 1/2 C canning jars (125 ml) at 15 min or half pint (1 C) for 20 min. Ladle into jars and leaveĀ  1/2 inch head space. Process according to altitude (here we’re just over 2,000ft).