Homemade Bread, Letter Writing and Opportunities

Yes, this is a loaf of bread! Today, I greet you from the kitchen of our mountain cottage. I just pulled 3 loaves of homemade, 100% spelt bread from the oven.

I wish you were here to share the delicious aroma and perhaps, taste test a slice or two with me! Lathered with lots of butter, of course.

This is the first baking of bread I’ve done in my new home. You know something? It felt good! Instead of rushing through the process, I actually had time to enjoy what I was doing! I think life just might be slowing down for us. It certainly seems to be the case!

Because of this change of pace, I think I’m finally ready to begin implementing a few things I’ve been wanting to tackle for a good, long time. One of them has to do with you.

For months now, I’ve been wanting to take this step and offer you something special, but it was all I could do to keep up with the blog. Now that house-building pressure isn’t so intense, I’m ready to move ahead and invite you on board!


An Inside Look

For those who are interested in getting a better, behind-the-scenes look into who I am and want to learn more about me and this lifestyle I lead, I have a special offer for you!

I’m going to start writing and putting out personal, bi-weekly “letters” for your enjoyment. In these “letters,” I’m going to be sharing stories, photos, videos and happenings that won’t be shared anywhere else. 

Not on the blog. Not on Facebook. Not on Instagram. Just for my email followers. That’s why it’s so special!

I’ll also be asking you questions, inviting correspondence, and whenever I’ve got unique opportunities to offer my readers, you’ll hear about it before anyone else! In some cases, these special opportunities will only be offered to you!


Join Me Now!

It’s easy to become part of this special plan! I’ll be sending out my bi-weekly “letters” via email. All you have to do is enter your first name and email into the form below. After filling things out, click the line “get my letters” at the bottom and you’ll receive a welcome email from me shortly! Don’t worry. I have good spam protection both here on the blog and through my email service provider.

And for those of you who are happy to bypass this opportunity, I’ll still be showing up for you every Monday and Friday on blog!

Have a great day!



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