What A Girl’s Gotta Do

Words. They fail me these days. My “scheduled blog post” folder is empty and I’m struggling to write new content, to post on social media, to be involved with any sort of online work. Every time I sit down to write, I find myself pushing the computer away. I don’t want to be there. I just don’t.

Instead, I find myself longing for open spaces in the great outdoors. I want to sit in the sunlight and watch daisies be blown about by the summer breeze. I want to feel the exhilaration that comes from standing on a mountaintop I’ve just conquered. I want to sprawl out on a blanket underneath the evening sky and count the stars, to wake up beside my man and have no where to go, nothing to do.

The past year was intense, has been both extremely rewarding and exhausting. And now something inside of me is crying out for refreshment. I realized its time to heed that cry. So if you’re wondering where I am or why the blog is silent for a time, just know that I’m out there somewhere, recharging and refreshing my soul.

I might be harvesting cherries until my fingers are stained redder still, or I may have disappeared on the lakes and rivers, with no intent of returning until I feel ready to return. I may be rock climbing, camping or fishing. Perhaps I’ll be snug-like in my internet free home, baking, putting things in order, watching a movie or simply sitting and gazing out a window.

I’ll be back.

But right now, I need change and life is urging me to recharge. Recharge, I shall.

You may not see me posting on FB or the blog, but I promise I’ll keep sending out my bi-weekly “letters.” If you’re not signed up to get these emails, you can do so on the form below. Sharing photos and writing newsy letters is easy, so keep it up, I shall.

See you later!


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