Cool Room Intro

I Met the Cool Room So

…I Waved Goodbye to Canning


Canning. How I love it! To date I have more than 400 jars lining the shelves of my pantry and kitchen cupboards! This method of preserving food has brought many a family safely through winter. Its satisfying to see the collection of filled jars build, build and build until shelves are crammed with the rainbow colors of various foods!

Oh yes! I love canning! Pickles, vegetables, fruits, jam, syrup and sauces and more…deliciousness in a jar!

But over the winter I began thinking, specifically about nutrition. Y’see, as a gal with a chronic illness, I have to think about it! Relapses are entirely possible. Rest, nutrition and exercise are among the best methods to avoid it. I began thinking over the nutritional content of my canned goods!

With either method of canning (pressure or waterbath) the goods are cooked throughout. This destroys the enzymes from working and creates a seal. Great, right? Most of the nutrition present has leached out into the juices of the product. Hmm.

Is canning a worthwhile effort? Or is there a method that could preserve the enzymes, the vitamins and minerals my body desperately needs over the winter months?

I believe there is!

Freezing is certainly a better option. But our freezers are used for meat (mostly!). With my situation, what other option do I have?

I’m smiling. We were more-than provided for in moving to this community! Not only do I have an outdoor canning area, but there was also a cool room in the basement when we arrived, set up and ready for use!

I’m super excited to walk you through a natural food preserving method! No heat, no killing of the good stuff. ‘We’re gonna talk raw, real food!

Note: for anyone who is panicking over my conversion to raw food storage…DON’T WORRY! I’ll still do lots of canning! But its time for a shift in focus; for me, its in the raw foods!