Meet Autumn

Hello there and welcome! My name is Autumn and I’m here because I want to inspire and help you create a healthier life for yourself. My approach is unique and some would say, slightly old fashioned! Let me tell you how it all came about!

My own personal health journey began 10+ years ago. After receiving a diagnosis of advanced Lyme disease in my early adult years, I began (through much trial and error!) carving out a healthier life for myself.

At first, home cooked meals had my focus. I began creating my own hygiene items and learned to make non-toxic household cleaners. Soon, I was using herbs and home remedies for immune support. Eventually I began to realize that clean, nutritious food was my best medicine, and the easiest way to source this food was to raise it myself!

As a result, I now live on a tiny farmstead in the mountains of southern British Columbia, Canada. I’m married to an amazing man and while he works a day job, I look after the home, cooking, cleaning and of course, keeping things as natural as possible! Stick around, and you’ll discover I have a bent toward frugal homemaking as well. 😉

In effort to keep wholesome food on the table, I grow large gardens and raise farmyard creatures for meat and eggs. We glean and purchase locally raised produce. My man and I also fish, forage and hunt the wilds around us. Every year I do lots of preserving and when winter comes, we usually have a wonderful supply of clean, nutritious food behind us!

Some days, I still can’t believe this is me; I never meant to end up here! I simply embraced whatever gave me positive results with my health, and step by step, I was led back to a traditional life.

And now, one of my goals in this life is to make your health journey, easier. You don’t have to live in the countryside to begin! If I started while living in a town du-plex, you can start making changes right where you’re at today!

Perhaps you’d like to naturalize your home? Learn to make your own toxin-free soaps, lotions and hygiene items? Maybe you’re interested in a creating a whole food kitchen? In sourcing a collection of wholesome recipes for the family table?

This little blog ‘o mine is filled with stories, natural living tips and tutorials. I hope you’ll take time to look around and come back for more!

Best wishes on your journey,

Autumn Keim