6 Natural Cookware Options For the Real Food Kitchen

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Have you ever stopped to consider the health of your cookware? Whether or not it may be leaching unhealthy substances into your food? Today, I want to present you with 6 natural cookware options that are


The Question Surrounding Teflon

Today, “Teflon” cookware is the norm. Nearly all our pots, pans and baking sheets are given a non-stick coating. It’s so very convenient! However, questions are arising about this easy- to- clean cookware. Is it really all that healthy for the human body? Particularly if you are discouraged from breathing the fumes they release?

Afterall, who wants to put good, wholesome food into a pot or pan that may then leach unhealthy substances into your meal?

6 Natural Cookware Options For the Real Food Kitchen

If you’re looking to create a healthier home, it’s worth thinking on! And I want to help you get started on your journey. Let’s do this, shall we?


Cookware For Stove Top Use

Let’s talk about natural cookware options for the stove top. We all fry eggs, veggies, meat and create delicious soups and stews on the stove, right? Here are my favorites for both pots and pans!


#1: Stainless Steel

While I’ve never had much luck with stainless steel frying pans, I love my stainless steel pots! These beauties have a long life, and in comparison to other natural option, are relatively cheap.

When it comes to purchasing stainless steel pots, buy from quality brands. Cheap, thin-walled pots tend to burn your food. No home cook needs that! So aim high the first time.

6 Natural Cookware Options For the Real Food Kitchen


#2: Cast Iron

Cast iron is recognized by it’s heavy weight and black color. These oldies are my first choice when it comes to frying pans!

It takes a bit of practice to fully master cast iron cooking. In fact, I almost gave up at one point. But after doing some research, re-seasoning my pans and trying it again, I fell in love. Nothing finishes your food like these black iron beasts!

6 Natural Cookware Options For the Real Food Kitchen

If you don’t want to pay the full price, you can often find old cast iron at garage sales and thrift stores. They’re practically indestructible and will be around to pass on to your children’s children!

These are my 2 favorite options for stove top cooking! Let’s move on to bakeware, shall we?


Bakeware for the Oven

Over the past several years, I’ve been slowly clearing my kitchen of “non-stick” bakeware. Today, it’s Teflon free, a fact I’m glad of! Here is what I’ve replaced these modern items with.


#3: Cast Iron

Yes, cast iron can go on the stove top or in the oven! Because of this, cast iron comes in many forms: skillets, pots (known as dutch ovens), bread pans, etc. Lodge is the king of cast iron these days, and their website has some wonderful options for the home cook!

Also, be sure to check out my “Cast Iron Cooking” board on Pinterest for recipes and ideas! This cookware is far more diverse than most people realize!


#4: Unglazed Glass

When changing over to natural bakeware, unglazed glass is usually the most afforable place to begin. You’ll discover that baking pans and casserole dishes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be found on Amazon, or even at your local grocery store!My collection includes casserole dishes, but I especially love using my glass bread pans and also, my clear glass pie plates!



#5: Stoneware

It can be difficult to find natural options for things like cookie sheets. But if you look into the world of stoneware, you’ll suddenly discover, you do have options! Muffin pans, pizza stones and wide baking sheets, there are natural choices in this world!

Seriously, I love my stone bakeware! I love the way it finishes my food, the old-world feel it brings to my kitchen and how quickly it cleans up!

Pampered Chef carries a wonderful selection of stoneware items. I’ve only ever bought their stuff secondhand because of the price, but I still have several of their bakeware pans on my wish list! I keep telling myself it’s going to happen soon!


#6: Clay Bakeware

Though perhaps the most ancient option, clay bakeware is probably used the least used in our North American culture! Lemme tell you, it’s wonderful in the kitchen!

Clay bakeware usually comes as a lidded casserole dish. Because it must be soaked in water before using, they steam food beautifully. Whatever comes out of a clay baker is delightfully moist, whether it be meat, vegetables, bread or the like!

In my kitchen, I have several clay bakers from Romertopf! Once again, I managed to snag them secondhand. Today, we primarily use them for baking bread and meat.

When it comes to ovenware, these are my favorites. And I use them every day in our home!


What You Need to Know About Natural Cookware Options

Before I let you go, allow me to extend one word of caution before you dive into natural cookware land? It is a learning curve! You were trained to cook with Teflon, and now? You’ll have to train yourself to prepare food in a different type of cookware.

For a successful start, I recommend doing research, that you educate yourself before heading in!

And yes, I believe it’s absolutely worthwhile!


These Are My Favorites

These are my favorite 6 natural cookware options for the real food kitchen. And if you happen to drop by for a visit, you’ll notice my unusual supply! It’s something I’m quite proud of, actually!

I hope I’ve inspired you to think about your kitchen and to begin looking for ways to bring in natural cookware options. And remember: it doesn’t always have to come with a brand new price tag! Sometimes, secondhand is best!


Are you putting nutritious food into toxic cookware? Here are the top 6 I use in my kitchen!


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